If you have a website, you are fighting a war that you don’t know about. But who are you fighting against? The answer is Cyber criminals or what you are more familiar with, hackers. But you might be asking yourself, why would hackers want to hack my website, I’m just a small business. Well unfortunately the truth is you’re more of a target, because hackers know small businesses aren’t usually looking out for their security.

Hackers will try to break your sites security for many different reasons. One of the most common reason is to distribute malicious code to any visitor that comes to your site. Most people think that you only get viruses by visiting bad websites like adult sites, but according to a report published by Sophos Labs, every day 30,000 legitimate small businesses get hacked and distribute malicious code. This code infects your customers computer and can cause a lot of headache and financial burden to them, leaving them with the impression you don’t take their security seriously.

The biggest reasons sites get hacked is because of poorly written code, outdated code or bad hosting configurations. You want to make sure that you do your best to not fall victim to these situations. Make sure you talk with your web designer to make sure they are watching your security. Don’t risk being the news headline because your website infected a majority of your customers. We provide our customers security consoling and offer different services to help them take the proactive approach with security.